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PCI compliant whitelabel gateway, open source merchant portal, merchant invoicing, multiple acquirer connectors and tons of integrations.


Convenience guaranteed

Easily Manageable

No coding needs required to get started as a Payment Service Provider. Use our Open Source Model, which gives you full flexibility and full control.

Private Label

Our PCI secure environment is a private label method, which ensures users never will be able to see your provider. We strive to always use your domain name.

Growth & Statistics

We are always improving our plugins, tools and API's, providing you with statistics on how your merchants is increasing in volume.

open source

Payment Window, Merchant Portal & Plugins

We belive in freedom to Payment Service Providers. Our Merchant Portal, Themes and Plugins can be downloaded from Github or enabled at Amazon Web Services.

Sign up

Reach out to us and get your IPP Partner ID and Key


Download our Merchant Portal or use our 1-click-installer at Amazon Web Services.

Live & PCI Compliant

Get spinning within few minutes after you have signed up. Fully PCI certified and compliant.


Keep control and design your own Payment Flow

We believe in freedom to Payment Service Providers.

Our Merchant Portal can be downloaded from Github or you can use our 1-click installer.


How IPP works?

Avoid long negotiations and super strict frameworks - archive your goals from the beginning in a safe and strong environment.

Step 1: SIGN UP

Sign up, create your account and get started today.

Step 2: Setup your profile

Set up your merchant portal and payment window with your own design – or choose our standard

Step 3: Start Processing

Let your merchants start processing payments within an PCI certified environment.


Gain PCI compliance instantly

Our solution makes you PCI compliant on the fly, as you are covered completely within our PCI certificate. No more yearly rutines or complex requirements from QSA’s.

Still think it sounds to good to be true – reach out and get a demonstration.