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Less friction - Less costs - More flexibility - Your freedom

Create a IPP Payment Gateway, for your Fintech, Web Agency, friends, partners, or anyone else – with the open source platforms that powers the Payment Industry.

Design anything you can imagine. Start with a simple theme of ours, or design your own. Personalize and customize every single detail, colors, fonts, layouts and functionality.

Make IPP do anything you will need. Already made eCommerce plugins, analytics – well anything can be found in our extension-list.

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The Open Source Payment Platform is

Powerful Empowering Freedom Extendable Confidence Ownership Possibilities

PCI compliant
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merchant portal, merchant invoicing, multiple acquirer connectors and tons of other integrations.

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The Payment Market

In 2019, credit card transactions were processed in the billions across the world. According to data from The Nilson Report, Europe had the highest number of credit card transactions with 60.31 billion, followed by the United States with 38.70 billion, and Asia-Pacific with 32.72 billion. Latin America and the Caribbean had 5.06 billion transactions, while Africa and the Middle East had 1.78 billion transactions.

In 2010, the total number of credit card transactions processed globally was 53.97 billion, and by 2019, this had increased to 139.97 billion.
This growth can be attributed to several factors, including increased access to credit, the growing popularity of e-commerce and online payments, and the increasing number of merchants accepting credit cards. Additionally, many credit card issuers have been introducing new features and benefits to attract more customers, such as cashback rewards, travel rewards, and other perks.

If you can Dream it You can build it

The beauty of IPP, is the capabilities to extend and increase the options of use.

You can see exactly how your Payment Gateway will look, and you can change it in real time. You can add, remove and rearrange the content, menus and options.

It have never been easier to create any custom made credit card – or any other payment type – gateway, and to do it without the needs of expensive developers.

open source

Powerfull, embracing and empowering

Create safely

IPP is build as an open source community, where developers have decades of experience. But we are also build by Trust and compliance regulations ensuring an always compliance.

Own it, don't rent it

IPP is something you own, not something you rent or borrow. The platform will be your content, it will be your design and most importantly, it will be your data.
We don’t hold you hostage, as some other provides do.

Extend it for your own needs

Some want to have offer Payment Terminals, others just want to offer credit card processing online.
IPP can be extended with anything, and you can with simple clicks design your own product offering.

Style it

We believe, you should be able to design anything you want. IPPs platform is fully customizable. Any element can be changed, altered or completely removed.
We have a wide variety of themes you can use, and many opportunities for extensions of the design and functionality.

We belive in freedom to Fintechs and Payment Service Providers.
Our Merchant Portal, Themes and Plugins can be downloaded from Github or enabled at Amazon Web Services.

Open Source
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Keep control and design your own Payment Window

We believe in freedom to Payment Service Providers.

Our Merchant Portal can be downloaded from Github or you can use our 1-click installer.

Everything you need to get started, the hosted solution or download it instead
– depends if it is your first Fintech product or if you already is a Fintech-Rockstar.