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3D Secure Version 2, What is it and how to use it

3D Secure Version 2, also known as 3DS2, is an advanced version of the 3D Secure authentication protocol used to add an extra layer of security to online transactions. It is designed to improve the user experience and reduce the likelihood of fraud by utilizing several new features, including risk-based authentication and mobile authentication.

3D Secure

The 4 methods with 3D Secure Version 2

  1. Password-based authentication The first method is the traditional password-based authentication method. It requires the user to enter a previously established password or PIN to verify their identity. This method is suitable for users who are familiar with the traditional 3D Secure process and prefer to use passwords for authentication.

  2. Biometric authentication The second method is biometric authentication, which uses unique physical traits such as facial recognition, fingerprint, or voice recognition to verify the user’s identity. Biometric authentication is more secure than password-based authentication because it is difficult to replicate or steal biometric data.

  3. Device-based authentication The third method is device-based authentication, which uses information from the user’s device, such as the device ID, location, and IP address, to authenticate the user. This method is suitable for users who are using a known device and do not want to go through the hassle of entering a password or using biometric authentication.

  4. Out-of-band authentication The fourth method is out-of-band authentication, which uses a separate communication channel, such as SMS or email, to authenticate the user. This method is suitable for users who do not want to install an app or register a device for authentication.

Each of these authentication methods offers different levels of security and user experience, and merchants can choose the most suitable method for their needs. Additionally, the risk-based authentication feature of 3DS2 allows merchants to evaluate the risk associated with a transaction and choose the appropriate authentication method based on that risk level.

Overall, 3D Secure Version 2 offers a range of authentication methods to help merchants enhance security and improve the user experience for online transactions. By choosing the most appropriate authentication method, merchants can help reduce the risk of fraud while providing a seamless checkout process for their customers.