Freedom to the market

With more than 10 years background in the financial sector.

We belive in freedom and needs for opening up the market with new solutions.

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Transform into using Open Source

IPP – the true leader of Private Label Payment platforms – delivers the full open source environment for critical payment software. By enabling corporations to process and manage their digital assets, payments, and powering omni-commerce payments IPP ensures your flows.

Cut in short – we are helping providers to capture rising opportunities, to optimize their workstreams by shifting needs for their consumers.

Detailed results and automated services

We are specialists in building payment infrastructure, and are producing your detailed results to ensure you have the optimal information to take the right decision.

Why Open Source matters to us

The term open source refers to something people can enhance, modify and share because its design is publicly accessible.

The term "Open Source" relates to something other people can modify, share and co-produce, based on publicly accessibly entities.


We trust the MIT license, for our frontend products, and engage with our customers, into designing world-class productions and payment gateways.

Webshop platforms

Pay by Link

MOTO Payments

API Payments

Gain PCI compliance instantly.

Our  solution makes you PCI compliant on the fly, as you are covered completely within our PCI certificate. No more yearly rutines or complex requirements from QSA’s.

Still think it sounds to good to be true – we offer 28 days trial, so you can experience it.

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