Testing Cards

For testing purposes of your IPP Account, we have several different cards. For any integration, we always suggest you run ALL tests before confirming your integration is complete. Type Card number Expiry CVV OTP Frictionless 4018810000100036 01/33 123 – Frictionless 5420711000210016 01/33 123 – Device Fingerprint (DFP) 4018810001010010 01/33 123 – Device Fingerprint (DFP) 5420711000190010 […]

PrestaShop Plugin

Plugin for PrestaShop Our plugin for PrestaShop can be downloaded at Github. Click here to go to Github Click here to download our ZIP-file

WooCommerce Plugin

Plugin for WooCommerce Our plugin for WooCommerce can be downloaded at Github. Click here to go to Github Click here to download our ZIP-file

Building Plugins for Merchant Portal

Build Plugins MerchantPortal is an Open Source Administrative platform for Merchants of Payment Service Providers and Payment Facilitators using the IPP environment. Within the Portla there are several opportunities to build plugins, and the number of plugins is rising every month. Before you start building your own plugin, we encourage you to review some of […]

Translation of SimpleCheckout

Have your own translations SimpleCheckout comes as standard in English, but many of our customers have already translated into a number of different languages.   Each field contains a placeholder and a field value. var payment_settings = { “payw_failed_payment”: “We could not process your payment. Please try again.”, “payw_cardholder”: “Cardholder:”, “payw_cardno”: “Cardno:”, “payw_expmonth”: “Expmonth:”, “payw_expyear”: […]

SimpleCheckout Styling

SimpleCheckout Design Customizations You can adapt and adjust the look and feel for how your SimpleCheckout payment form is to be displayed. Our designers have prepared 10 different samples, which you can download and use – or you can get more information below. View our samples on Github Style options The styling of our payment […]

SimpleCheckout Integration

SimpleCheckout is a SAQ-A compliant payment-form solution, which is fairly simple to set up and easy to personalize. The payment is part of three straight forward steps. Create the Checkout ID Send the request on a server-to-server to let IPP know about the incoming payment request. This ensures an always safe data-transfer of critical details. […]