Utilize the Pay.JS Functionality

Our Embedded Payment Applet (SimpleCheckout) is utilized through our Pay.JS service layer, which is highly integrateable and which contains several opportunities for you to interact with the Payment process itself. What is Pay.JS Pay.JS is our core Javascript File, which contains all relevant and critical information related to serving the front-end of a payment request. […]

Plugin: Dynamic Pricing Model

Making it possible with automated change of a customers pricing model based on number of transactions and/or volume. What is Dynamic Pricing Dynamic Pricing enables the opportunity to switch pricing plans for your customers, automatically and based on the amount of transactions or the volume your customer is processing. Our Dynamic Pricing works fully automatically, […]

Create Public Pages in your Plugins

This article is about creating custom made pages within a Plugin, to increase or personalize the page. A Public Page is known for its multiuse functionality. Adding to Plugin Constructor The public page is defined in the plugin constructor and afterwards as a function within the specific plugin. public function __construct() { $this->slug = “test_plugin”; […]

Function hookInstall

This article is about using the hookInstall function while a developing MerchantPortal Plugin. If you wish to learn more about how to install and use our plugins, please visit our support center. This topic describes the programically and technical aspects of using our hookInstall functionality, to enable and control the actions performed while installing a […]

How to make a Theme for MerchantPortal

This article is about developing MerchantPortal Themes. If you wish to learn more about how to install and use our themes, please visit our support center. This topic is different from “How to use Themes” as it describes the programically and technical aspects of developing your own Theme. The other topic describes how to activate […]

Enabling Test-mode at SimpleCheckout

What is SimpleCheckout SimpleCheckout is IPP’s Payment Application, which decrease the complexity of processing a payment. SimpleCheckout connects a number of Acquirers to your gateway with a single click.  We do understand the needs of testing before going into production, and have due to this designed a testing service that can be enabled and disabled […]

Setting up a Local Environment of The Merchant Portal

Getting set up, within few minutes. In the following guide, we will go through how you locally can start up the Merchant Portal and start your own IPP experience. To set up a Local Environment of the Merchant Portal requires you to install Docker, which is a tool for containerization of instances running on top […]

Testing Cards

For testing purposes of your IPP Account, we have several different cards. For any integration, we always suggest you run ALL tests before confirming your integration is complete. Type Card number Expiry CVV OTP Frictionless 4018810000100036 01/33 123 – Frictionless 5420711000210016 01/33 123 – Device Fingerprint (DFP) 4018810001010010 01/33 123 – Device Fingerprint (DFP) 5420711000190010 […]

PrestaShop Plugin

Plugin for PrestaShop Our plugin for PrestaShop can be downloaded at Github. Click here to go to Github Click here to download our ZIP-file