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Enable ApplePay with SimpleCheckout

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About SimpleCheckout

SimpleCheckout is IPP’s Payment Application designed to simplify payment processing. It seamlessly integrates multiple Acquirers into your gateway with a single click.

Recognizing the importance of testing before deploying in a live environment, we have developed a testing service that can be toggled on or off as needed.

By default, this testing service is active until you receive your production Merchant ID from the Card Schemes.

Through your Merchant Admin panel, you can verify whether your Merchant Agreement is linked to the actual Acquirer or still connected to the testing environments, such as TestAcquirer One or TestAcquirer Two.

Enabling ApplePay as an Alternative Payment Method

Before loading the IPP Applet Javascript file, the Alternative Payment Methods in the payment form need modification. This is because the Javascript file looks for a local variable named alternative_payment_methods, within which it attempts to detect any pertinent parameters.

					var alternative_payment_methods = {
    "applepay": true


SimpleCheckout is initially set up without enabling any Alternative Payment Methods. However, users have the option to activate one or more simultaneously. Upon enabling an Alternative Payment Method, an extra DIV is added following the payment form. This additional DIV includes a separate child DIV for each Alternative Payment Method.