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Enable MobilePay with SimpleCheckout

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About SimpleCheckout

SimpleCheckout is IPP’s Payment Application, which decrease the complexity of processing a payment. SimpleCheckout connects a number of Acquirers to your gateway with a single click.

we do understand the needs of testing before going into production, and have due to this designed a testing service that can be enabled and disabled as requested.
Note the testing service is as standard enabled until you get your production Merchant ID for the Card Schemes.
You can through your Merchant Admin see if the Acquirer have been connected to your Merchant Agreement already, or if you still is connected to the TestAcquirer One or TestAcquirer Two..

Enabling MobilePay as an Alternative Payment Method

The Alternative Payment Methods of the payment form must be altered prior loading of the IPP Applet Javascript-file, as the Javascript file searches for any local variable called alternative_payment_methods and within this object tries to identify any relevant parameters.

					<script>var alternative_payment_methods={"mobilepay":true};</script>


SimpleCheckout comes without any Alternative Payment Methods enabled, but it is possible to enable one or more at the same time.

When you enable an Alternative Payment Method, we do add an additional DIV after the Payment form, which contains a child DIV for each Alternative Payment Method.