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Function hookInstall

This article is about using the hookInstall function while a developing MerchantPortal Plugin. If you wish to learn more about how to install and use our plugins, please visit our support center. This topic describes the programically and technical aspects of using our hookInstall functionality, to enable and control the actions performed while installing a Plugin.

Why hookInstall($plugin_id,$user_id,$session_id)

Most plugins requires an setup or connectivity, which must be initialized during or straight after the installation of the plugin have taken place. The hookInstall functionality is build to serve this exact requirement.



The plugin id is automatically genereated by the MerchantPortal and is a unique variable shared between your Portal and the IPP underlying infrastructure. 


Is set to the user_id who is initializing the installation of the plugin. This can be both a Partner User and a Company User.

The User ID is a static variable for the specific user, and can’t be altered.


During a users login session, a unique session id is being generated. This specify the exact session of the user, and can backtrace what activity the user have had during their use of the platform.