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Response Codes

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Overall error codes

Error CodeExplanation
NOKTransaction could not be confirmed

Specific Error Codes

Error CodeExplanation
1Generic error
10Incorrect usage of the Trust Payments API
10003Invalid card details
10100Invalid date
10101Invalid date/time
10102Invalid details
10103Card number does not match card type
10200Malformed XML
10201XML does not match schema
10202Invalid file format
10203Empty file contents
10204Invalid file contents
10205Malformed JSON
10500StApi Error
10600Invalid fields specified in request
20004Missing parent
20005Refund requires settled parent or parent thats due to settle today
20006Refund requires authorisation parent
20007Refund amount too great
20008No acquirer specified
20009Repeat amount too great
20010Split amount too great
20011Cannot refund a decline transaction
20012Refund requires a settled parent
20013Reversal requires a cancelled auth parent
20014Cannot override amount in child transaction
20015Cannot override currency in child transaction
20018Subscription requires RECUR account
20019Subscription requires successful parent
20020Risk Decisions must have AUTH as parent
20021Chargebacks must have AUTH/REFUND as parent
20022Refund amount less than Minimum allowed
20023Refund requires paypaltransactionid
20024Invalid split transaction
20025Cannot reverse AUTH processed more than 48 hours ago
20026Reversal requires acquirerreferencedata
20027Cannot reverse AUTH processed by a different acquirer
20028Payment type does not support repeats
20029Reversal missing required data
20030Missing token
20031Subscription with an accountcheck parent not supported on current acquirer
20032Subscription cannot be used as a parent
20033Invalid parent
20034Payment type does not support refunds
20035Invalid incremental transaction
20036Partial reversals not supported
20037THREEDQUERY parent/child must have the same paymenttype as the child
20038Payment type does not support card scheme updates
20039Cannot reverse AUTH at this time, please try again
20040Cannot determine token
21000Service Temporarily Disabled
21001Login firstrequest
21002Invalid username/password
21003Invalid session
21004Session has expired
21005Password expired
21006Password has been previously used
21007MyST user account has been locked
21009New password does not match confirmed password
21010Incorrect current password
21012Invalid selection
21013User already exists
21014No transaction found
21015Invalid selected transactions
21016Data supplied has not been saved
21017Invalid request type
21018Missing request type, at least one request type must be selected
21019Invalid payment type
21020Missing payment type, at least one payment type must be selected
21021Invalid error code
21022Missing error code, at least one error code must be selected
21023Invalid filter description
21024Invalid destination description
21025Invalid notification type
21026Invalid destination
21027Invalid field selected
21028Invalid email from address
21029Invalid email subject
21030Invalid email email type
21031Unable to process request
21032No file selected for upload
21033Invalid file size
21034Invalid filename
21035Invalid extension
21036User requires at least one sitereference
21038Request failed
21041Insufficient gateway access privileges
21046Negative already exists
21047Cannot delete a search owned by another user
21048Invalid search
21049Cannot delete the specified search, the search name cannot be found
21050Search parameter is too short
21051Duplicate custom fields defined
21052Cannot allocate selected users, insufficient privileges
21053Allocated users have access to additional sites
21054Allocated users have access to additional users
21055User with current role cannot be allocated users
21056This site requires that your browser accept cookies to sign in. Cookies can be accepted by clicking “I accept” below.
21057User requires at least one site reference or site group
21058Allocated users have access to additional site groups
21059No statement found
21060Data supplied has not been updated in MobilePay 3rd-party service
25000Insufficient access privileges
25001Coding error
25002Insufficient privileges
25003Invalid request
30000Invalid field
30001Unknown site
30002Banned card
30003Xml element parse error
30004Maestro must use SecureCode
30005Multiple email addresses must be separated with , or ;
30006Invalid sitereference for alias
30007Invalid version number
30008Unknown user
30009Cannot determine account
30010Json element parse error
30011Wallet type configuration error
30012Wallet type not supported on this request
31000The card number you have provided is incorrect, please verify your details and try again
31001The security code (CVV2) you have provided is incorrect, please verify your details and try again
31002The expiry date you have provided is incorrect, please verify your details and try again
31003The expiry month you have provided is incorrect, please verify your details and try again
31004The expiry year you have provided is incorrect, please verify your details and try again
31005Unable to process your payment due to connection errors – request id mismatch, please try again
31006The issue number you have provided is incorrect, please verify your details and try again
31007The payment type you have provided is incorrect, please verify your details and try again
31009Unable to process your payment, please contact the website
31010There are errors with these fields: {0}
40000No account found
40001Refund cannot be processed
40002Transaction de-activated
50000Socket receive error
50001Socket connection error
50002Socket closed
50003Invalid data received
50004Invalid SQL
50006Invalid acquirer
50007Unable to connect to acquirer
50008Invalid response from acquirer
50009No available transport
50010File size too large
50011Socket send error
50012Communication error
50014Proxy error
51000Unable to process your payment due to connection errors, please verify your details and try again ({0})
51001Unable to process your payment due to connection errors (HTTP response status {0}), please verify your details and try again ({1})
60003Wrong number of emails
60010Bank System Error
60011Wrong number of transactions
60012Invalid transport configuration
60013No valid updates specified
60014Transaction reference not found
60016settlebaseamount too large
60017Transaction not updatable
60018Invalid requesttype
60019No searchable filter specified
60020Timeout Error
600213-D Secure Transport Error
60023Site Suspended
60024No updates performed
60025Invalid Request
60026Invalid Response
60027Invalid Acquirer
60028Invalid account data
60030Payment Error
60031Invalid acquirer for 3-D Secure
60032Invalid payment type for 3-D Secure
60033Invalid updates specified
60034Manual investigation required
60035Invalid headers
60036Max fraudscore exceeded
60037Invalid filters
60038Merchant System Error
60039Your payment is being processed. Please wait…
60040Can not specify both requesttypedescription and requesttypedescriptions on a single request
60041Acquirer missing original transaction data
60042Insufficient funds
60043Unable to process due to scheme restrictions
60044Failed Screening
60045Unable to process due to restrictions
60500Risk Referral
61000Name Pick required
61001Address Pick required
61002IP not in range
61003Invalid button configuration
62000Unrecognised response from acquirer
70001Uncertain result
71000Soft Decline
72000Refer to Issuer
79000Request is queued please check the transaction later for the status
88000Generic Retry
88888Soft Decline retry
99998There has been a problem with your payment, please verify your details and try again
99999Unknown error