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What is CyberSource

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CyberSource is a payment management company that provides electronic payment and risk management solutions for businesses. The company was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in California, United States.


The offering of CyberSource

CyberSource offers a range of payment processing services, including credit card processing, electronic check processing, and online payment security services. They also provide fraud management solutions to help businesses minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions.

In 2010, CyberSource was acquired by Visa, a global payments technology company. This acquisition allowed Visa to expand its payment management services and improve its ability to provide secure, efficient, and convenient payment options for businesses and consumers.

Today, CyberSource is a part of Visa’s suite of payment management solutions, and the company continues to offer innovative payment processing and fraud management services to businesses of all sizes.

Key features from Cyber Source

  1. Payment processing: CyberSource provides a range of payment processing services, including credit card processing, electronic check processing, and alternative payment methods. They also offer multi-currency support, which can help businesses expand their reach to customers around the world.
  2. Fraud management: CyberSource’s fraud management solutions help businesses prevent fraudulent transactions and minimize chargebacks. They use advanced fraud detection technology and machine learning algorithms to identify potential fraud and block suspicious transactions.
  3. Payment security: CyberSource offers a range of security solutions to help businesses protect sensitive payment data. This includes tokenization, which replaces sensitive cardholder data with a unique token, and encryption, which ensures that data is transmitted securely.
  4. Reporting and analytics: CyberSource provides detailed reporting and analytics tools to help businesses track their payment activity and identify trends. This can help businesses optimize their payment processing and improve their overall financial performance.

Overall, CyberSource is a comprehensive payment management solution that can help many businesses process payments securely and efficiently.

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