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What was TrialPay

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TrialPay was a payment and marketing platform company that was founded in 2006. The company was acquired by Visa in 2015 for an undisclosed amount, although some sources have reported the acquisition price to be around $300 million.

The TrialPay Vision

The primary goal of TrialPay was to provide a platform for e-commerce merchants to increase sales by offering their customers an alternative way to pay for goods and services. Rather than paying directly with a credit card or other traditional payment methods, TrialPay allowed customers to pay by trying out other products or services from TrialPay’s partners.

This alternative payment method was a win-win for both merchants and customers. Merchants could increase their sales by providing customers with a more flexible payment option, while customers could receive additional value by trying out new products or services.

Key features

One of the key features of TrialPay was its ability to offer personalized offers to customers based on their individual preferences and behavior. This targeted approach helped to increase the effectiveness of TrialPay’s marketing campaigns, resulting in higher conversion rates for merchants and a better user experience for customers.

Another innovative feature of TrialPay was its use of mobile payments. By integrating with mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet, TrialPay was able to offer customers a seamless checkout experience, while also providing merchants with a secure and efficient payment solution.

Over the years, TrialPay continued to innovate and expand its offerings. In 2014, the company launched its “transactional advertising” platform, which allowed advertisers to reach consumers at the moment they were most likely to make a purchase. This platform was particularly effective for mobile apps, where TrialPay’s technology could help to drive app installs and in-app purchases.

The acquisition of TrialPay by Visa was a strategic move by the payments giant to expand its offerings and better serve its customers. With TrialPay’s technology and expertise, Visa was able to enhance its own payment platform and provide merchants with a more flexible and effective way to increase sales.

Today, the legacy of TrialPay lives on as part of Visa’s broader suite of payment and marketing solutions. The company’s innovative approach to payments and marketing has helped to shape the industry and set a new standard for customer experience and engagement.