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Terminal Management Card Present Point of Sale

In-build Terminal Management, with the strongest european PAX partner.

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European Distributor

We have partnered with the European Distributor of PAX terminals - Face2Facepay.

PCI Certified terminals

The Paxstore TMS software, combined with IPP Gateway Services ensures full PCI certification on both Card Present and Card Not Present.

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Android SmartPOS

Mobile, portable and countertop

Stylish new-generation devices offering all the benefits of smartphones plus secure payment. Modernize & increase client loyalty

Android SmartECR

All-in-one POS and payments

Fully integrated EPOS devices to manage your point of sale and payment solutions

Beautiful Android and Linux powered card machines for any business need.

Payment terminals to leverage every sale. They are powerful devices packed with features and apps to increase customer loyalty, modernize your business, and improve customer experience.


Support POS
  • POSitive Accreditations
  • Demonstrate Support Services
  • Invested In PAXSTORE
  • Open ISO Market
  • Integration ISV’s
PAX Positive Gateway
Access to Asset Management and TMS


Asset Management – Geographical track and trace of all live payment terminals shown on a map.

Modern Terminal Management System (TMS) – Real-time management system allowing direct messaging to the terminal, immediate software upgrades and push applications of your choice. Remote configuration is available.

Geo Fencing – Lock down terminals to operate in a specific area only. (Ideal for festivals, popup venues & markets), remotely lock any terminal that is in your estate if required

Open Marketplace for ISO – Create an out-of-the-box tailored app solution for targeted merchants or vertical markets.

POS Integration – Integrated with Smart Volution alternatively, POS applications can be developed and posted directly on PAXSTORE through its Software Development Kit (SDK).

Remote Key Injection – Keys electronically transferred directly from the PAX Italia HSM securely for ISO Model.

Industry-leading Support – Terminal support features including remote diagnostics, terminal access and user control in the field.

POSitive Gateway

Maintenance and Support of your Estate

The UK partner EIT offer professional maintenance on your terminal estate including 1st line support of helpdesk, remote access directly to merchant terminals for immediate support and transparent resolution. 

  • Helpdesk
  • Storage
  • Configuration
  • Distribution
  • Next Business Day (NBD) Swap out available
  • Engineer services if required
  • Helpful and friendly team
EIT - Configure | Deliver | Connect
BlueStar - Your Solutions Distributor | PAX Terminals | PAX Distributor | United Kingdom
European fulfilment partner

The fulfilment partner Bluestar provide services throughout Europe, allowing Face2Facepay to provide all required services to European merchants.

  • Storage
  • Configuration
  • Distribution
  • Next Business Day (NBD) delivery to site
Own PAX Provisioning of Payment Applications

Product provision of PAX ANDRIOD RANGE

PAX | PAXStore

Access to your own version of PAXSTORE integrated with Elavon, Fiserv and others

EIT - Configure, Deliver, Connect | BlueStar

management of your terminal estate, including helpdesk and maintenance. European storage and distribution