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Massive complexity, broken down

How can IPP build Open Source Payment Infrastructure, when nobody have done it before?

Our approach is fairly simple – the outcome however, is extraordinary. We have tried below to go through each step, and giving you some smart feedback on features.

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The best decission you have ever made

Reach out to our team

Our team of experts is always ready for a dialog about your needs and how we can support you in your journey.
We are daily in dialog with many Financial companies who struggle on different aspects, and in most cases we can support you.

Contract and Enabling

We can connect to almost all acquirers globally, but you do need an acquiring connector to use as a Payment Service Provider.

While you are in dialog with our team, we will clarify if you already have a connector or if we shall support you finding one. No matter what – your contract with us starts first, when the Acquiring connector have been enabled.

Your Merchant Portal

Start up your own IPP Merchant Portal and let your customers see their transactions instantly, collect their funds and respond to their chargebacks.

The IPP Merchant Portal contains full capabilities to customize the design, and install additional plugins to extend the functionality of the platform.

Your Payment Windows - Your Design

Our Payment Applets is enabled through JavaScript’s, which give you the full and customizable opportunity to design the Payment Integration in corresponance with your own design guide.

Our standard integrations enable automatically the design set up in your Partner Profile.

Mobile Payment | Mobile Pay
Be part of the future

50% of all payments is processed on Mobile

Are you still using an old fashion provider, which is not mobile friendly?

More than 50% of all transactions is processed on mobile devices, but less than 10% of all eCommerce sites is actually compatible with it.

Become Mobile Friendly when you take the next step in the future of Payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Plugins do IPP provide?

    We provide a broad range of free plugins for the Merchant Portal, including but not limited to Google Analytics, Visma Dinero, Visma eConomics, Billy, Slack, Teams, SendGrid and a ton of others.

  • Do IPP provide free Themes?

    The amount of free Themes we provide growth month by month, but we do strongly encourage you team up with a designer who can help you getting the perfect match for your needs.

  • How difficult is it to setup the Merchant Portal?

    The Merchant Portal can be set up through a 1-click installation at Amazon Web Services i Frankfurt.

    But before you can activate it – and play around with it – you first need an agreement with us.

  • How long time do it take to get started

    Our usual onboarding time is 2-4 weeks, from when you get access to the platform and before you are fully ready to process. This includes generally time for your designers to setup the Merchant Portal Theme and design your Payment Window.

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