Sell IPP and help others becoming an

Payment Service Provider Online Gateway Payment Facilitator


Resell our product, without our naming conventions


We offer our resellers full whitelabeled solutions, hiding all backlinks to IPP.

No more lurking around from PayFacs or PSP's who try to outsmart you as a Reseller.

Pricetag it

As an official Reseller, you can pricetag the IPP services within a specific region of your desire.

You will be our only reseller in the market and all sales will be directed to your team.

Easy Growth

Our global team ensures the technology stack, your focus can be solely on sales - giving you an easy path for Growth and scalability within your sales district.

How to

Become the regional Reseller of IPP

Our Reseller strategy is fairly simple, but you will be measured on clear KPI's

Global Map

Reach out

When you reach out to our team, we will initially schedule an 1:1 for 30 minutes, where we go through your thoughts and our product.


We ensure KPI alignment between both of us, to ensure you don't get surprised on how we calculate success.

Fair profitshare, 80% to you

On top of our base production cost, you will be earning 80% of the profit.

Avoid stressfull periods

Our backbone - your team

Our shared backend team of engineers is ensuring you always have the right tools available, and to support your needs as a Reseller of our product.

This enable you to focus on ensuring the partnership with the customer, while we ensure the backbone technology behind you.

OUR PROCESS for Resellers

How IPP works?

Avoid long negotiations and super strict frameworks, keeping you from what you actually want to archive.

Step 1: Say "Hi"

We are just waiting for your “Hi” in our inbox, to schedule the meeting for selling our services in new markets.

And if we already is active within a market – lets discuss what alternative opportunities we can give you.


Our team of experts will provide you with prepared materials about the payment market and what a PayFac and PSP is – so your team have the right offset to start selling.


Start partnering up with your PayFacs and PSP’s, you control their pricing and settlement terms.


Provide PCI compliance instantly

PSP’s and PayFacs is tired of the complexity on PCI Compliance. This is generally a problematic and complex area that everybody hates to discuss and talk about.

We provide PCI compliance out-of-the-box, giving your new customers the optimal opportunity for short onboarding time and short time before the first processed payment.