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What is Open Source

Open Source Initiative (OSI)

Open source refers to sharing software source code with the public. It started from hacker culture in the 60s and 70s, but the term “open source” wasn’t widely used until the late 90s.



The Open Source Initiative was founded in 1998 to promote open source and define it. The organization’s definition, called the Open Source Definition, is widely adopted. Open source is now widely used and essential in many industries, just not the financial industry – yet.

Many important Internet tools are open source, such as Apache, MySQL, and Python.

There are several huge Open Source projects, which we as well is using as part of our own infrastructure, we have tried to list some of the most commonly known below.


A free and open-source operating system that has become the foundation for many other open source projects. Linux is widely used in servers, supercomputers, and embedded devices.


An open source web server that is used to host over half of all websites on the Internet. Apache is known for its robustness, security, and flexibility.


An open source relational database management system that is used by many large websites and applications to store and retrieve data.


An open source software library for machine learning that is used by researchers and companies to build and train artificial intelligence models.


An open source platform for managing containerized applications, which are becoming increasingly popular for cloud computing and microservices architecture.


An open source office suite that provides an alternative to proprietary software like Microsoft Office.

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An open source payment gateway that provides an alternative to proprietary software like ACI, Fisserv and CyberSource.

These projects and many others have had a major impact on the technology industry and have helped to drive innovation and progress in many different areas. Additionally, the open source model has helped to democratize access to technology by making software and tools freely available to everyone, regardless of their resources or abilities.